The True Calling of Trucking

By the age of 13, Larry Lottinville was already a hard worker. He grew up around trucks and spent time in the scrapyards backing up 18-wheelers, hooking up trailers and changing tires. He was destined to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s trucking footsteps, though there were a few pit stops along the way. Larry served six years in the military. He also spent some time in the medical field, which he found pretty rewarding. Both served him well, but he knew that trucking was his true calling.

Just like Larry’s father, when he first started in the industry, he was forced to adhere to strict company guidelines. But as Larry worked his way up, he found that company guidelines weren’t the only frustrations that he would have to plow through. Larry says “new mandates and rules have made it much harder for truckers to do their job.” In Larry’s opinion, electronic log books are pushing many drivers to the max by speeding and putting their safety and the public’s safety at risk. Larry also expressed that the highways are much more crowded, which makes driving extremely difficult.

“There isn’t an interstate in the United States that I haven’t been on at least 30 times,” he says.

Despite the frustrations, Larry is still proud to be a third-generation trucker. He finds the trucking community is much like having a second family. If he needs help, his fellow truckers are there to support him. In turn, Larry always stops to help drivers in need, something he learned from the best driver he’s ever known — his father.