Why Be Just One Thing?

Homeless. For some, it’s the end of a road. For Kendrick, it was just the beginning. It acted as a launch pad for a dream that would finally ignite over 6 years later reuniting him with an old friend and former shelter guest, Trenton. Together, it seems like anything could be possible.

As Kendrick speaks, his eyes light up as he connects one idea after another like a well-mapped transportation route, all points seemingly within his grasp.

Trucking—it’s a means to pursue my passion.Trenton

You come to learn that “everything is opportunity” as his ADD creative mind and insatiable entrepreneurial spirit combine to create a whirling maze of artistry and business acumen that envelops anyone within earshot. Trucking, skateboarding, multimedia art, and photography — the list goes on and on as he shares a portfolio filled with his best shots from the road. He first categorizes it as “Adventure Photography.” Then defines that as anything that unfolds around him every day, in the moment — good or bad, there’s always something to see, to experience as a trucker.

He then quickly stops and unloads his life’s philosophy, one that seems to drive everything he stands for — “Your greatest potential as a person is your most important pursuit.” Then he adds with his trademark smile, “… but that doesn’t have to be just one thing.” Kendrick wants to see and do it all. But don’t be confused — he’s not just dreamer, he’s a doer.

My ultimate goal is to be an Owner Operator employing a team of artists who also drive. It’s out there. But it’s going to happen.Kendrick

Listening to Kendrick, you get the understanding that he sees the world through a different lens. He has become a great observer of places and people, especially the community of truckers.

“There’s Truckers and there’s Pullers, to me. If you know how to pull, distribute and manage weight then you’re pursuing the art of trucking. You’re a Puller. Everything else is just getting in the truck and turning the key on. Some guys out here are really impressive. I’m not there yet, but I’ve got ‘street cred’ and I’m learning — and that’s what life’s all about.”

We couldn’t agree more.