It’s a Different World Out There

Driving a 40-ton vehicle down a congested highway is a stressful situation for the average person. Bill, he’s not your average person. With a full load behind him and an open road ahead of him, Bill is cool as can be. But, life wasn’t always so easy going as he explains. “I was working every day sun up to sun down. I ended up having a mild stroke.”

It’s a different world out there. Every day is different. Every adventure is different. Everybody is different.Bill

Fed up with the strain from his previous job, Bill took up trucking and never looked back. “It’s actually relaxing,” he says with a smile, “being left alone with my peace of mind, and seeing different places is the perfect job for me.” Now, with his children grown and settled across the country, he’s never far from his kin. You can be sure wherever he’s headed, he’s driving there with ease.