It All Matters

A look inside a trucker’s cab is a peek into their soul. What they hold dear. Who they love. And where they’ve been. Jeff S. is no different.

With 35 asphalt years, Jeff has witnessed his share of life on the road. He’s learned a lot, laughed a lot and doesn’t see that changing any time soon. His jovial nature is much like his appearance, commonly mistaken for Kris Kringle. He admits that his glowing white beard is a little longer than what he prefers, but being Santa for his grandkids is worth it. That’s just the kind of guy he is: detailed, proud, caring.

This is the same unwavering dedication that makes Jeff a great trucker. Not just a driver. He is a true craftsman of cargo. A man who understands weight distribution is an art form. It impacts fuel efficiency, safety, ride and pay. Getting it right is the only way according to Jeff and that goes for his logbook, inspections and especially on-time deliveries.

To Jeff, it’s not about tech. It’s about talent. Real talent. About consistent perfection. And knowing how to use and take care of the tools of the trade from his classic 1983 CB radio to his 25-year old trucker hat. It’s the big things and the little things. It’s about life off the road, family, including his wife of 37 years. A woman he has known for nearly his entire life.

I’ve known my wife for 48 years. We went to grade school together. Played in the park together. Jeff S.

It all matters. Every detail. A driving passion and purpose throughout life. Going beyond what is expected to accomplish those perfect moments.

But is it all worth it? Just ask his grandkids who just might say Jeff has made them a believer.