Hauling for Home

They say nothing motivates like family — well, that and a little bass. In Pablo’s case, that’s 100 percent accurate. So, when he first got his start in trucking 10 years ago, he was determined to own his rig flat-out. An important step allowing drivers the freedom to make a bit more cash, and add a few aftermarket bells and whistles inside the cab.

My kids. My family. That’s why I do what I do.Pablo

Back then, leasing was cutting into his profits, the cash he needed to support his wife and six children. During those tough times, and still today, religion was his solace on the road. He would pray daily, surrounded by the many crosses, rosaries and speakers throughout his cab.

Today, though, that dream has come true. Now, as the owner of his own rig, souped-up with myriad lights, gadgets and, of course, subwoofers, he’s able to provide for his family like a boss — literally.