Good Company

The road can be a lonely place. Ask any driver. Even the proudest lone wolf needs to run with the pack every once in a while. But Kathleen S. has a remedy for that. In the face of loneliness and boredom, she turns to three things: her cats, her girlfriends and, well, hair dye.

The long-haul running veteran of 21 years is no stranger to life on the road. She’s from a simpler time, when the log books were paper and the communication was analog. A far cry from today’s digital world; one she finds to be severely lacking in community. “No one uses the CB anymore,” she says longingly. “Everything now is electronic, phones included, which we can’t really use behind the wheel.” So, lacking a forum to speak her mind over the airwaves, she turned to the digital realm. And surprisingly, swapping stories and advice with her fellow female truckers is almost as good as it used to be.

Between the comradery and the cats, she keeps the monotony of the job at bay. Still, life on the road isn’t ideal. “Sometimes it’s just hard to be a girl out here,” Kathleen explains. So, when she finds time, and a half decent truck stop, you can spot her adding a bit of color to her life in the literal sense. “Coloring my hair!” Kathleen exclaims. “It’s the biggest problem facing truckers today!” She tacks on this last part sarcastically. A personality trait that serves her well in the face of the usual problems of the road — cosmetic emergencies included.