A Man to Remember

Submitted Story: Katy K.

I am entering my husband, Morgan K., without his knowledge. He is 27 years old and has done very well running his own business for the past five years. Some of his success came from his father, who started in trucking 32 years ago.

My husband bought a wrecked 1996 Peterbilt 296 and did a complete overhaul on it with his buddy Mike Raines. Mike was a huge help, considering his experience building “Rock Bottom” and several other trucks featured at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Unfortunately, Mike found out in early 2015 that he had lung cancer, and he died Dec. 17, 2015. That day, Mike’s dad, Jim Raines, called Morgan and could barely get the words out of his mouth when he asked if Morgan would be at the funeral. He was also wondering if Morgan could bring the semi that Mike had rebuilt with him, and if they could take Mike “for one last ride” after the funeral.

So my husband hauled Mike’s casket on a trailer hooked to the semi they had rebuilt nearly three years before. Mike had been extremely proud of the work he did on my husband’s truck, and my Morgan was truly honored to be able to do this for Mike and his family. It was something that was very hard for my husband because he was close to Mike and was a dear friend.