A Labor of Love

For some, trucking is a way of life. For others, it’s just a job. But for Derek M., it’s a family tradition he keeps alive to this very day. “My Dad drove a truck for 35 years,” he says with pride. “Same company, 35 years.” And although he’s far from matching his father’s lengthy career, Derek plans on carrying the torch for years to come.

This is a loyal business. My dad drove a truck for 35 years. Same company, thirty-five years.Derek

That said, he knows life as a trucker is tough. “The road can get monotonous,” Derek explains, “but sometimes you go through some states and it’s like driving through a post card, and it’s all worth it.” During these times, the good and the bad, he’s thankful for his companion Sonjie, a long haul reefer trucker and on the road sidekick. Together, they’re ready for all the twists and turns of life on the highway.