An 18-year Vacation

“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We’ve all heard this before, right? Usually from a parent or a teacher before we grow up and realize it’s easier said than done. Life is messy. So in the face of such naive sounding sentiments, an obligatory eye roll only seems natural. That is until you meet Anthony Ybarra.

Anthony, or Tony, as the laid-back Colorado native likes to be called, might just be the most positive, down-to-earth trucker on the road. And that’s saying something for an industry of men and women who pride themselves on being the selfless yet priceless driving force of America.

“I’ve been on vacation for 18 years,” he says with a chuckle and an easy smile. “I get to travel across the country every day. I get to see my family. It’s a dream come true.” His tone is so genuine you can’t help but believe him. And honestly, the enthusiasm he has for the job is infectious. Hearing him talk about trucking makes everyone in earshot wish they were a driver. And as if that wasn’t enough to make you love this guy, he’s also adamant about helping his fellow man. “I hauled generators and supplies for the people in Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina hit,” he explains with a shrug. “It made me proud to be a trucker.”

Proud, and, really, pretty heroic. But just by talking to him you can tell he wouldn’t think so. Still, Tony is an inspiring character. He used his career as a way to become everything he wants to be: a trucker, a tourist and simply a good human being. So, maybe what our parents and teachers told us is true. You can absolutely never work again in your life. You just need the optimism and the drive to make it happen.