Smart Haul Electronic Logging Device Program

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We know there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the use of Electronic Logging devices or ELDs and that’s why we’ve spent months researching what we can do to best support you. Our new ELD program, called Smart Haul, can help you get ahead of this mandate and keep your business moving.

Electronic Logging Device

How can I get free use of an ELD?

  • Purchase primary commercial liability insurance with Progressive
  • Allow Progressive to receive your driving data

We’ll send you up to 5 ELDs per policy within 10-12 business days and even pay for the monthly subscription cost.* If you leave Progressive, or if your policy expires or is cancelled, simply send the ELD back to us or pay the depreciated value.  If you purchase your own ELD 50 or DC 200 from Rand McNally, we’ll give you up to $500 in gift cards for sharing your driving data with us.**

ELD Data

How will you use the data?

The data collected will not impact your insurance premium. Instead, we’ll use this information to:

  • Offer better discounts based on truckers actual driving habits
  • More accurately price truckers
  • Expand the rewards we offer

These offers are available for a limited time, to learn more about how to get free use of an ELD through the Smart Haul program, please call 855-305-0960. Or, if you’re interested in buying your own Rand McNally device and want to enroll into our $500 gift card program, * please visit

Data collected is for statistical purposes only and will not impact customer’s Progressive insurance premium.  Progressive reserves the right to change or discontinue the Smart Haul program at any time.

* Payment of monthly subscription cost requires a current Progressive commercial liability insurance policy.

** Requires purchase of a Rand McNally ELD 50 or DC 200 and primary commercial liability insurance from Progressive. When the ELD is activated and in use, as verified by Progressive based on receipt of driving data, Progressive will mail the first payment of $100 gift card. After that, payments $100 gift cards will be mailed for up to four consecutive quarters if (1) the ELD device remains connected and transmits driving data, and (2) the insured maintains commercial insurance with Progressive. The maximum cumulative payment value of gift cards per device is $500.