Siphiwe Baleka

We’ve all been lost at one point or another. Unsure of where we stand. Uncertain of the road ahead. These moments, finding ourselves, are what define us. But for Siphiwe Baleka, it wasn’t just himself he was searching for. It was his calling.

Before we go there, let’s rewind. Let’s go back to a time before Siphiwe Baleka was Siphiwe Baleka. When things were simpler, and a man named Tony Blake had one goal: qualifying for the U.S. Olympic swimming team. As he neared the end of his four years at Yale University, Tony got his one shot. The culmination of a dream he’d dreamt since he was 10 years old was about to come true. Until — it didn’t.

Eight tenths of a second. That’s it. A short amount of time that separated Tony from his dreams and his new reality. But his story doesn’t end there. In fact, this is where it begins.

Following a 15-year journey that would lead him across Europe and into Africa, Tony returned home a new man with a new name, Siphiwe Baleka. After working just two months as an OTR driver, he realized that truckers across the country were alarmingly unhealthy, some even fatally so. His mission was finally clear. Siphiwe Baleka vowed to put an end to the trucker health epidemic. And with his drive and determination, nothing can stop him short of his destination.

Siphiwe’s book, published in March 2017, combines step-by-step workouts and advice on healthy eating. 4-Minute Fit is available for purchase on Amazon: 4-Minute Fit: The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time Crunched, Deskbound, and Stressed-Out