Shannon Royce

Truckers see it all. Oftentimes, they’re literally in the driver’s seat for some of the most remarkable stories to ever unfold. But while these stories are fleeting moments for some, Shannon Royce captures them more concretely by collecting, sharing and remembering them for years to come through her love of photography.

It’s not just a hobby, “seeing and sharing all of the beauty with those who won’t have a chance to see it” is her passion. Part professional team driver, part curious, blooming photographer, Shannon and her husband Greg are owner operators who run the country driving tandem. Each state, each sunset, each truck stop is another opportunity to digitally document the awe-inspiring sights they see on a daily basis. And with three children and two grandchildren (not to mention the two on the way), sharing her experiences and talent with family is one of life’s greatest joys.