Jason Lee Wilson

Every driver knows there’s a rhythm to the road. The hum of the highway, the bass of the exhaust, the dance between gears, dotted lines and states that bring a sense of instant harmony, togetherness and accomplishment. There’s really nothing like it. That is, until you pick up a guitar.

Meet OTR driver Jason Lee Wilson—a man born with a passion for both trucking and music. Hailing from Tennessee, Jason strums his own unique blend of rockabilly and country too infectious not to sing along including the hit single, “Truck Stop Betty.” His inspirational storytelling evokes what life is like out on the road including all the interesting characters you meet along the way.

Recently, Jason dropped by the Trucker Territory studio to share his talents with the trucking community. So pick up a guitar and enjoy Guitar Camp, a custom-created guitar instructional video series crafted to help drivers love more of life out on the road.