Dave Nemo

Host, The Dave Nemo Show on Sirius/XM

“I had never seen so much tan Naugahyde in all my life.” That’s how Dave Nemo describes his first ride in a big truck. Back in the mid-60’s, Dave and a high school buddy ran out of gas on their way from New Orleans to Texas. They didn’t stay stranded long, because the first trucker to come down the road gave them a lift. Dave didn’t know it at the time, but that driver’s kindness would shape how he would come to view the world.

In his final year as a Communications student in 1969, Dave landed a part time job at the legendary WWL 870 AM in New Orleans. After graduation, he enlisted in the Army and was assigned to the Armed Forces Korea Network (AFKN) in Seoul, South Korea.

Returning to New Orleans, Dave joined Charlie Douglas on “The Road Gang”– the first radio program aimed directly at and solely to the over-the-road professional truck driver. Over 45 years later, Dave continues the same tradition of service, friendship and camaraderie. Dave credits his business partner, Michael Burns, for much of the show’s current success. “Working with Michael has been an incredible experience,” Nemo states.

The trucking industry has gone through massive changes and the mandate of RadioNemo reflects those changes. Today’s professional trucker has come to depend on Dave and the crew to provide critical and vital information on industry happenings, government regulations, health and wellness, as well as engaging and interesting topical interviews with industry leaders as well as historians, health experts, authors and others.


Q: What do truckers and the trucking industry mean to you?
A: Support. I’ve never been shy about making sure folks know that I’ve never been a professional driver. And yet, drivers have been there for me through the years and said that what we do is important and meaningful to them. You can’t ask for more than that.

Q: How has your time in the Army helped you in your radio show?  

A: Being with AFKN (Armed Forces Korea Network) was a constant learning experience. I was serving with some very talented professionals and they were eager to share knowledge and expertise.

Q: What did Charlie Douglas teach you as you were starting out?

A: One very simple thing: Be yourself. He told me that a trucker could spot a phony a mile away.  He said they’d either accept me or not, but I must be genuine.

Q: How has your team (Michael Burns & Tim Ridley) managed to worked so well together?  

A:  They are top professionals and wonderful human beings. We share the same respect, admiration, and concern for the men and women who “bring America home”.

Q: What’s the one thing you wish more people knew about truck drivers? 

A: That they are regular people just like you and I with families and bills to pay. Many go to church, donate to causes, serve in their communities and they care about our country and our way of life. I think folks see the big truck, but not the trucker.

Q: What would you want a new listener to take away from your show?  

A: That we’ll be back tomorrow, same time, same channel.

Q: What’s the most gratifying thing about doing what you do?   

A: The acknowledgement that we convey important and useful information to truckers that they may not get anywhere else.

Q: Why do your listeners keep tuning in to your show day in and day out?

A: I’d like to think that we’ve become part of their life and that we truly have a meaningful relationship with our listeners. Our open phones/open forum is exactly what it says, and our listeners have confidence that they’ll be treated with friendliness and respect when they call in to express opinions, experiences and insight.

Q: What single thing do you envy least about the trucking lifestyle? What makes you envious?

A: The difficulty in staying fit and healthy.  Not that it can’t be done – many do a great job. But they have it harder than anyone. I admire the way most long haul drivers get to know so much about all of the different regions of the land across North America.

Q: What are you most proud of throughout your career?

A: The friendships that have grown through the years. Ok, make that through the decades!