Truckers of America

Real stories from the men and women who keep America moving.

Behind the Wheel: Home Away From Home

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Between a Truck and a Hard Place

Read Harry's Story

Wisdom Behind The Wheel

Read Gary's Story

A Dream Come True

Read Ephraim's Story

Trucking Took My Heart

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Word on the Road

Real drivers answer questions about life in the trucking industry.

Got Your Ears On

Dave Nemo and friends talk about the world of trucking.

Bringing Back the Brotherhood

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The Ins and Outs of Truck Stops

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Building Relationships

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Driverless Trucks

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Cab Cuisine

Healthy meals you can cook right in the truck cab.

Gazpacho with Shrimp

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Argentinian Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

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Jamaican Curry Chicken Pot

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Carie’s Breakfast Sandwich

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Rig Riot

Be entertained and have a laugh with our fun games and hilarious trucking comics.

Rorschaching Revelations

Napkin Nonsense


Napkin Nonsense

Haulin’ for Love

Napkin Nonsense

A Matter of Write and Wrong

Napkin Nonsense

Truck Fit

Workout routines and exercise videos for truckers on the go.

Fit w/ Siphiwe #1: Hip Flexor Stretch

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Fit w/ Siphiwe #2: Warmup

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Fit w/ Siphiwe #3: Fit Mix

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Fit w/ Siphiwe #4: Advanced Fit Mix

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Money Tune-Up

A podcast dedicated to saving truckers money.

Charting Your Path to Financial Independence

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Skills Every OO Driver Should Master

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Investing Basics – Putting Your Money to Work!

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Blue Sky Freedom with Retirement Planning

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Health On The Highway

Tips and advice to stay mentally fit for the long haul.

Chronic Stress

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Family Tension

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Listen to Mona's Podcast


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New Trucker's Playbook

Learning how to become a truck driver isn't as difficult as you might think.

Get Trucking

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CDL Weight Classes

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How to Become a Truck Driver

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Get a CDL

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An essential guide to help owner operators succeed in business and beyond.

The Freight Industry’s Impact on Truck Driver Demand

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The Effects of Truck Driver Overtime Regulations on Trucking Companies

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Lower Your Owner-Operator Expenses

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Is Being an Owner-Operator Worth It?

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Truckers see it all. Learn how to capture the sights of the road like a pro.

Photography with Shannon Royce

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