Truckers of America

Real stories from the men and women who keep America moving.

Behind the Wheel: Rock n’ Roll

Watch Cid's Video

Why Be Just One Thing?

Read Kendrick & Trenton's Story

Changing Lanes

Read Mary's Story

The Art of the Haul

Read Walter's Story

“If you bought it, a truck brought it. That’s it. Point blank.” – Keith B.

A Labor of Love

Read Derek's Story

Trucking’s Golden Years

Read Pete's Story

“The secret to a relationship on the road? A lot of patience.” – James B.

Hauling for Home

Read Pablo's Story

The Dog Days of Trucking

Read Ed's Story

“I got into trucking from driving while I was in the service.” – Lucky M.

From Law to Long Haul

Read Oliver's Story

Drive to Thrive

Read Brian's Story

It’s a Different World Out There

Read Bill's Story

Cab Cuisine

Healthy meals you can cook right in the truck cab.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Watch Steve’s Video

Curry Rice with Vegetables

Watch Bobby’s Video

Salsa Verde Chicken

Watch Steve’s Video

Save money. Get healthy. Cook in the cab.

Healthy Quick Oatmeal

Watch Bobby’s Video

Cajun Quinoa

Watch Steve’s Video

Food for thought: a healthy diet, a sharper mind, a better driver.

Applesauce Pancakes

Watch Bobby’s Video

Mango-Coconut Green Smoothie

Watch Steve’s Video

Mac and No Cheese

Watch Bobby’s Video

Grilled Chicken and Broccoli

Read Abe's Recipe

Say goodbye to the diner!

Honey Sriracha Chicken

Read Abe's Recipe

Truck Fit

Workout routines and exercise videos for truckers on the go.

Introducing Big John Drury ‘The Dancing Trucker’

Watch John's Video

“I like driving a flatbed because I get more physical activity.” – Derek M.

Truck Fit: Get Fit with Big John (Part 1)

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Big John’s Dance Off Challenge

Watch John's Video

“It’s imperative that you get out and get exercise.” – Jeremy F.

Rig Riot

Be entertained and have a laugh with our fun games and hilarious trucking comics.

This One’s Good for a Chuckle

Napkin Nonsense

Never Fear Progressive Commercial is Here

Traffic Maze

Next Stop: “Laughlandia”

Napkin Nonsense

Fun Yet Frustrating

Spot the difference

Save the Stranded Trucker!

Traffic Maze

Something’s Off Here

Spot the difference

A Cartoon for the Cab

Napkin Nonsense

Have Fun Getting Lost

Traffic Maze

The Trick is in the Details

Spot the difference

You Gotta Be Pulling My Chain

Napkin Nonsense

Help is on the Highway

Traffic Maze

HAAAAAA! Didn’t See That One Coming

Napkin Nonsense

Truckin’ Trivia

Brain Games

Long Haul Hilarity

Have a laugh

18-Wheeler Word Search

Brain Games

That’s Just Ridiculous

Have a laugh

Long Haul Lingo

Test Your Vocab